What does FoursCrowd do?

FoursCrowd lets you search for venues and determines how crowded they are based on the location's prior check-in activity and current check-in count. Avoid getting stuck in long lines by checking FourCrowd before heading out to eat or go shopping. Check-in data is provided by Foursquare, and you do not need to be logged in to Foursquare to use FoursCrowd.

How do I use it?

Visit the main app page with a location-enabled browser such as Firefox or Chrome. If your browser is not location-enabled, you'll start off in New York. Zoom in or out and drag the map to center the green circle on the location within which you want to search.

What is the popularity score?

Based on the venue's past activity, we calculate how popular it has been historically. Places with consistent high traffic will rank higher, so encourage your patrons to check-in on Foursquare and spread the word!

How do local tweets work?

Tweets often contain data to indicate the location from which they were posted. Enter a search term in the box, and click "+ Update!". This will show all tweets from your area that include the search term. To reduce strain on Twitter's servers, you need to wait 5 seconds between tweet searches.


FoursCrowd's results will become more accurate as check-in activity grows on Foursquare. Until then, we can't guarantee perfect results, but we'll continue to tweak the model as best we can.

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